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This is Dr. Public's Collaborative Network.

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Each researcher has their own network at My Research Network.

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Paper Projects

The most exciting product of My Research Network is the Paper Projects! You will enjoy this new way in producing papers!

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Private Paper Projects

Private Paper Project is a new way for writing scientific articles: PRIVATE, collaborative, flexible, powerful, and happens on Cloud! Only the paper team can view and edit the manuscript in progress!

Private Paper Project has a subscription fee at $10/month during writing (compared to $1/month for Public Paper Projects).

If the paper is accepted by Preprints of The R-fMRI Network (PRN) before submitting to traditional formal journals, then all the charges will be refunded. 

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Public Paper Projects

Public Paper Project is a new way for writing scientific articles: OPEN, collaborative, flexible, powerful, and happens on Cloud! The paper team can edit the manuscript, and all the readers can view the paper in progress!

Public Paper Project has all the features of Private Paper Project, but it's open for viewing (no editing) to public.

Public Paper Project has a subscription fee at $1/month during writing (compared to $10/month for Private Paper Projects).

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If you don’t have an account at My Research Network (RNET.PW) yet, please click here to create one:

 To get your account activated, you have to subscribe to Private Network Service or Public Network Service (should make Calendar, Tasks and Events open access to public).

Subscribe to Private Network Service:

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My Research Network (RNET.PW) provides you extra resources: 

1. Mailing List. RNET hosts the mailing list for The R-fMRI Network (RFMRI.ORG) at If you want, RNET can host mailing list for you at $10/month. Please contact for more details.

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